Malibu Media, LLC is one of, if not the actual, most prolific copyright suit filer in United States' history. Jonathan LA Phillips and the attorneys at Shay Phillips, Ltd., have been, defending BitTorrent lawsuits from their inception, including Malibu Media, LLC suits. Our firm's knowledge of BitTorrent mechanics, the logistics of BitTorrent plaintiffs' investigation to suit to settlement or litigation, and experience with over a hundred BitTorrent copyright suits helps us obtain superior results for our clients. Mr. Phillips has even been published by the Illinois State Bar Association regarding BitTorrent cases. In fact, our firm is one of the very few to ever prevail over Malibu Media in the District Court.

We accept Malibu Media cases from across the country. Through our years of BitTorrent defense, we have a network of local counsel, when needed, and the ability to operate in District Courts throughout the United States. After a three-month hiatus, apparently due to a change of counsel, as of late July 2016, Malibu Media has begun filing lawsuits again. We can help you if Malibu sues you. Moreover, we offer free consultations and reduced rates for our clients. Please read on to learn more about us, or Contact Us.

Malibu Media & other BitTorrent successes

Every BitTorrent case involves specific facts and situations. Some of our clients come in, and given the factual scenario and the clients' position (i.e. financial or family situations, likely liability for the infringement, the simple desire to put it behind the client), we work towards a favorable settlement. However, when the facts and situation call for it, we are well positioned to defend the suits. In fact, Jonathan LA Phillips has obtained some of the best results, of any attorney, for Malibu Media lawsuits.

On February 8th, 2016, Northern District of Illinois Magistrate Judge Brown granted Jonathan LA Phillips'Motion for Summary Judgment against copyright infringement claims brought by Malibu Media. Malibu Media appealed its loss and later settled its appeal with our client.

Previously, in one of the early blows to Malibu Media's litigation model, Mr. Phillips questioned the techniques of Malibu Media's investigators, and otherwise started looking into the evidentiary basis for its suits. Upon doing so, Malibu promptly dismissed our client in Southern District of Indiana case number 12-cv-00842.

Free consultations 

We offer free consultations for those facing lawsuits by Malibu Media, or any other BitTorrent plaintiff. Feel free to email us at to arrange for that free consult. We represent people throughout the United States and can conduct consultations by phone.