We represent many bars, taverns, restaurants, and individuals sued that have been contacted or sued by Joe Hand Promotions or its lawyers.  We can help you, too, if you have received a letter regarding Joe Hand Promotions, Inc., UFC, the Mayweather v. McGregor fight, or any other Joe Hand matter. We assist individuals and businesses throughout the United States (in federal matters such as this) and especially the Midwest.

Joe Hand has a fine business. Mixed martial arts is purportedly a fast growing sports. Cross-over events like Mayweather v. McGregor draw record audiences. And, Joe Hand is one of a few distributors for these events. Beyond selling the rights to display the fights, Joe Hand also sues people, bars, and taverns who show the fights.

Joe Hand's legal theory

Joe Hand Promotions polices bars, taverns, and other establishments to determine if its owners are not paying to broadcasting the fights it claims to be the distributor of. When it believes an owner has not paid it , Joe Hand Productions lawyers send a letter.

Currently, the Pennsylvania firm of Jekielek & Janis LLP represents Joe Hand Productions in many cases. But, when it comes to lawsuits, they usually recruit a local attorney to file the suit. Many  recent letters this firm has seen demand $12,500 to settle the purported violation of its distribution rights. It claims satellite piracy, copyright infringement, and cable piracy. They also threaten personal exposure to statutory damages greater than $100,000, attorneys fees and costs, and the cost of defending a law suit. So, what should you do?

You recieved a Joe Hand letter or have been sued?

First and foremost, do not call or speak to Joe Hand's attorneys. First, contact your own attorney. While we would appreciate the opportunity to help you out, its important that you speak to some legal counsel, even if it is not us. Second, do not destroy any evidence. Do not get rid of TVs, laptops, or delete social media posts. Even if you did nothing wrong, or thought it was innocent to do so, a court might consider this "spoliation of evidence" and draw adverse conclusions from doing so. If you want, contact us for a free consultation.

We are familiar with recent court rulings, federal procedures, and other information pertinent to the Joe Hand Production cases. For example, in Central District of Illinois case number 14-3054, Joe Hand only received a judgment of $3,278.50, despite the Defendant failing to appear to defend himself. We can use this kind of information to either defend against the claims or attempt to reach a more favorable settlement for you. Fill out the form below and we will reach out to offer you a free consultation.

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