I.T. Productions LLC

Pierce Brosnan, an actor who played the legendary role of James Bond in the 90's, stars in the movie "I.T.", which a new film featuring Pennywise the clown from Stephen King's movie "IT", featured in 1990.

If you've been accused of downloading I.T. through BitTorrent, we can help. Please read on.

I.T. Productions' Copyright Lawsuits

I.T. Movie Productions, LLC claims to own the copyrights to the film and have been issuing subpoenas most likely paired with a letter from a local ISP (Internet Service Provider) to those who have allegedly downloaded the movie file based on copyright infringement.

We can help you defend I.T. Production's suit and offer free consultations

Our firm has a national reputation for litigating and defeating BitTorrent based copyright plaintiffs. We also achieve very favorable settlements for those who simply want to put the case behind them - and we do so for a low flat rate. We  are licensed in several federal courts. We practice elsewhere through our network of local counsel and pro hac vice applications. 

As explained elsewhere on this site, Mr. Phillips will help you determine whether your factual situation calls for a settlement, a fight, or something in between. Every factual scenario and every client's personal situation dictate different results. Mr. Phillips has been published by the Illinois State Bar Association regarding BitTorrent suits, like these. While our firm has handled a great number of BitTorrent cases, including defeating Malibu Media, LLC - the most prolific copyright suit filer in recent times,  we do not fight for a cause. We fight for our clients.

If you have received a letter from Cell Film Holdings, or from your ISP informing you of a court date, call Shay Phillips, Ltd. to schedule a free 20 minute consultation with Jonathan LA Phillips. Mr. Phillips has years of experience representing defendants in torrent-like cases across the country, and can help you resolve this with the best possible outcome.

Currently, IT Productions has only sued in Oregon. We welcome clients from Oregon. IT will undoubtedly expand its reach, as well.

Oregon cases:

I.T. Productions, LLC 3:2016-cv-02101 

I.T. Productions, LLC  3:2016-cv-02102 

I.T. Productions, LLC  3:2016-cv-02103