Cook Productions, LLC

Cook Productions, Inc. claims to own copyrights to the film “Mr. Church.” Mr. Church stars Eddie Murphy, who was hired to take care of a woman suffering from breast cancer. The woman survives and Mr. Church (Eddie Murphy) becomes a staple of the household.

Mr. Church was filmed in 2014 in the Los Angeles area. The film is currently sold by Amazon for as little as $5.99.

If you’ve been accused of downloading Mr. Church through BitTorrent, we can help. Please read on.

Cook Productions, LLC's BitTorrent suits

Cook Productions has federally filed both single and multiple Doe suits in: 

Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Hawaii, Oregon, Ohio, and Washington.

Our firm has a national reputation for litigating and defeating BitTorrent based copyright plaintiffs. We also achieve very favorable settlements for those who simply want to put the case behind them - and we do so for a low flat rate. We are licensed in several federal courts. We practice elsewhere through our network of local counsel and pro hac vice applications.

As explained elsewhere on this site, Mr. Phillips will help you determine whether your factual situation calls for a settlement, a fight, or something in between. Every factual scenario and every client's personal situation dictate different results. Mr. Phillips has been published by the Illinois State Bar Association regarding BitTorrent suits, like these. While our firm has handled a great number of BitTorrent cases, including defeating Malibu Media, LLC - the most prolific copyright suit filer in recent times, we do not fight for a cause. We fight for our clients.

If you have received a letter from Cook Productionss, or from your ISP informing you of a court date, call Shay Phillips, Ltd. to schedule a free 20 minute consultation with Jonathan LA Phillips. Mr. Phillips has years of experience representing defendants in torrent-like cases across the country, and can help you resolve this with the best possible outcome.

Cook Production cases as of January 2017

Northern District of Illinois1:2016-cv-11347Cook Productions, LLC v. Does 1-14

Northern District of Illinois1:2016-cv-11337Cook Productions, LLC v. Does 1-29

Northern District of Illinois1:2016-cv-11345Cook Productions, LLC v. Does 1-15

Northern District of Illinois1:2016-cv-11344Cook Productions, LLC v. Does 1-21

Northern District of Illinois1:2016-cv-11340Cook Productions, LLC v. Does 1-25

Northern District of Illinois1:2016-cv-11339Cook Productions, LLC v. Does 1-23

Northern District of Illinois1:2016-cv-11350Cook Productions, LLC v. Does 1-13

Northern District of Illinois1:2016-cv-11341Cook Productions, LLC v. Does 1-18

Northern District of Illinois1:2016-cv-11338Cook Productions, LLC v. Does 1-24

Northern District of Indiana3:2016-cv-00773Cook Productions, LLC v. Does 1-11

Southern District of Indiana1:2016-cv-03158COOK PRODUCTIONS LLC v. DOE 1 et al

Western District of Kentucky3:2016-cv-00838Cook Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-9

District of Maryland8:2016-cv-03873Cook Productions, LLC v. Doe 1 et al

Eastern District of North Carolina5:2016-cv-00910Cook Productions, LLC v. Doe 1, et al.

Eastern District of North Carolina5:2016-cv-00909Cook Productions, LLC v. Doe 1 et al

Eastern District of North Carolina5:2016-cv-00924Cook Productions, LLC v. Doe 1 et al

Middle District of North Carolina1:2016-cv-01374COOK PRODUCTIONS, LLC V. DOES 1-11

Middle District of North Carolina1:2016-cv-01373COOK PRODUCTIONS, LLC V. DOES 1-9

Middle District of North Carolina1:2016-cv-01372COOK PRODUCTIONS, LLC V. DOES 1-7

Middle District of North Carolina1:2016-cv-01369COOK PRODUCTIONS, LLC V. DOES 1-5

Middle District of North Carolina1:2016-cv-01375COOK PRODUCTIONS, LLC V. DOES 1-11

Northern District of Ohio3:2016-cv-03045Cook Productions, LLC v. Does

Southern District of Ohio2:2016-cv-01192Cook Productions LLC v. Does 1-15

District of Oregon3:2016-cv-02085Cook Productions, LLC v. Doe-

District of Oregon3:2016-cv-02086Cook Productions, LLC v. Doe-

District of Pennsylvania2:2016-cv-06532COOK PRODUCTIONS, INC. v. JOHN DOES

Western District of Washington2:2016-cv-01884Cook Productions, LLC v. Doe 1 et al