Seventh Circuit affirms our victory over Phoenix Entertainment Partners

Phoenix's Complaint dismissed at the District Court

We previously wrote about our successful defense of a Phoenix Entertainment Partners and Slep-Tone lawsuit in the Central District of Illinois. Our blog article can be found here. In that case, Shay Phillips' attorneys did not answer the Complaint. They moved to dismiss it, and the Court granted the motion. This was one of only a handful of victories against Phoenix Entertainment Partners and Slep-Tone across the country. 

The dismissal obtained is affirmed by the Seventh Circuit

As that article points out, Phoenix and Slep-Tone appealed that decision. Shay Phillips's attorneys defended the appeal. We filed a response brief and argued before Chief Circuit Judge Wood, Circuit Judge Rovner, and District Court Judge Blakey (sitting by designation).

On July 21, 2016, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal of the action. The Court's opinion can be found here. This is the first known victory against Phoenix Entertainment Partners, LLC or Slep-Tone Entertainment Corporation at the appellate level, concerning their "media-shifting" lawsuits.

Nationwide defense against Phoenix Entertainment Partners' suits

Shay Phillips, Ltd. defends against lawsuits brought by Phoenix Entertainment Partners. We do so across the United States. We have worked for our clients in the midwest, Florida, California, and New York. Our defense efforts are truly nationwide. We offer free consultations for anyone sued by Phoenix Entertainment Partners and work with insurance companies, when coverage exists. Contact us using our contact page to set up a free consultation.