BitTorrent Copyright Litigation Article Published by ISBA

Shay Phillips, Ltd. has a reputation for defending BitTorrent copyright lawsuits as part of its Intellectual Property practice.Jonathan LA Phillips has defended these suits in the Illinois federal and state courts, in Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Colorado, Texas, and elsewhere through pro hac vice admissions. 

As a leading BitTorrent suit defender, Mr. Phillips pays close attention to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. These rules govern how the suits move through the federal court system. The Illinois State Bar Association recently published an article the Mr. Phillips drafted earlier this year. It explains how the recent changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure can be utilized in the defense of BitTorrent lawsuits. The article can be found here:

Phillips, J., How will the FRCP's amendments affect BitTorrent Litigation? Intellectual Property, Ill. State Bar Ass'n (Sept.2016).