Another Success Over Phoenix Entertainment Partners

As we have written about elsewhere, Shay Phillips, Ltd.'s attorneys have prevailed over Phoenix Entertainment Partners, LLC at both the trial court level and Appellate Court level. You can read more about those here and here. Our latest success* over the purported SOUND CHOICE karaoke rights holder took place in the Central District of California.

Phoenix Entertainment Partners, LLC v. Cable, et al

We defended the karaoke jockey, Mr. Cable, against Phoenix Entertainment's lawsuit over SOUND CHOICE in the Central District of California. Mr. Cable filed a motion to dismiss, based upon the Dastar case. Rather than fight the motion, Phoenix amended its Complaint. 

Facing our client's motion to dismiss, Phoenix dismissed Shay Phillips, Ltd's client from the suit.

Shay Phillips, Ltd. filed another motion to dismiss. Mr. Cable also served probing discovery on perceived weaknesses in Phoenix's case. Again, Phoenix did not respond. Instead of amending its Complaint yet again, Phoenix chose to dismiss our client from the lawsuit.



* Past successes cannot guaranty future success, of course.