Ameren Spoon River Transmission Line

Earlier this year, the Illinois Commerce Commission entered an Order authorizing Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois to build a 345 kV transmission line between Galesburg and Peoria, Illinois. Shay Law, Ltd. intervened on behalf of landowners along Ameren's preferred route for building the project. Its attorneys were able to persuade the Illinois Commerce Commission to have the line built on an entirely different route, a rare and quite successful result. While results can never be guaranteed, Shay Law, Ltd.'s success in altering the proposed routing of this particular transmission line is an example of our highly-effective, landowner focused, practice in utility law.

Now, Ameren is sending letters to landowners along the route approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission. Shay Law, Ltd. has helped dozens of landowners in easement negotiations with utility companies. Our holistic approach does not just seek to maximize your compensation. We also negotiate that the terms of easements are fair, reasonable, and agreeable to our clients.

Anyone who has received a letter from Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois should call us for a free consultation. We are offering reasonably priced, in some cases flat-rate, representation for easement negotiations with Ameren.