Agriculture and agribusiness constitute the largest, if not the largest, part of Illinois' economy. Being located in central Illinois, we know that agriculture touches many families and businesses, often in unexpected ways. So, we are not surprised when our clients approach us with agriculture-related issues. Our attorneys stand ready to tackle those issues.

With some exceptions, such as the Farmland Preservation Act and Agricultural Areas Conservation and Protection Act, agricultural law is a combination of other types of law - with a twist. Of course environmental issues may arise and farmers can always benefit from assistance with lease drafting, negotiation, and interpretation. All businesses, including agribusiness, have contract concerns. Banking and lending issues commonly arise as well. Moreover, many family farms and agribusinesses need to plan to pass their livelihood down to children and family. Utility and energy issues are becoming more common because as the country continues to expand its electric grid, more green energy projects, like solar and wind farms, are developed. Finally, in southern Illinois, mineral, gas, and oil rights bring their own set of concerns.

Our attorneys are centrally located and able to help farmers, their suppliers, and agribusinesses throughout the State with nearly any issue that rears its head. Please use our Contact page to reach out if you would like to arrange a time to discuss your concerns with our agricultural lawyers.